Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fort Frances the journey continues with new paddling partner

I suppose we can call this the fourth part of the adventure. Angela started out with Kristina and unfortunately had to stop due to a previous back injury. Kristina then continued on for 10 days on her own. Part three would be when Erich joined up with her in Prince Albert. Part four (to the end) will be with Karl. He arrived in Fort Frances yesterday afternoon and met up with Kristina and Erich. Kristina made a quick call to us last night to let us know they met up just fine, had dinner and were staying at a camp site somewhere in or around Fort Frances. They had to shop for another map, of Quetico, and some more camp fuel before heading out today (Aug. 8th) Erich will now take Karl's truck and drive to the take out in Grand Portage. Erich and Kristina met up with another paddler, a 64 year old from Port Carling, close to home in Muskoka. They exchanged phone #'s and hope to get intouch with him when they are home together. The call last night was short. We should hear from Erich today. As Kristina said, they have lots of interesting stories to share. Regardless of the number of paddling partners, Kristina has almost come to the end of this amazing journey. Stay posted for the next blog which Erich will post when he gets back to Vancouver early next week.

Sabine and John

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