Saturday, July 31, 2010


We've had a long couple of days getting here, but the weather has been exceptional-- blue skies and glassy, glassy lakes. Somehow we are exactly on track for kilometers for finishing the trip, but with no room for days off! We're having to paddle 35-40 km/day, which is a lot with the upstream travel and the big lakes, but everything is going so smoothly. We kind of have the attitude that we'll paddle as much as we can when the going is good, in case weather or other things hold us back...

The upstream travel has been interesting--fairly strong current on the Winnipeg River, but we're able to hop up eddies along the side of the river, where the current is either slowed significantly or even moving downstream. Using the eddies and ferrying across the current have allowed us to move pretty efficiently upstream. Having whitewater experience is helping us hugely!

After Dorothy Lake, the scenery has gotten beautiful--rocky shores and pine trees. The islands and channels of the Winnipeg River are exciting and not too hard to navigate through. We've enjoyed the challenge of the rapids and still have time to swim and even fish.

Tonight we're staying with friends in Kenora, and will get an early start on Lake of the Woods tomorrow. I'm extremely tired tonight, so this post will be short...there's lots I'm missing, but my couch is calling!



  1. We have found a forgotten water container, missed one when you filled up. We can return it to you, I would be more than happier to mail it your way, or if Karl reads this and is driving through soon we are not far off of the highway and we can get it to him. Email me

    Enjoyed your visit with us, hope Lake of the Woods treats you well.
    Kate and Barry

  2. Where do you want me to ship your stuff?

  3. Hey you two!
    just a little cheer out from Beaconsfield....watching your progress has been so thrilling for us! We are really glad you have been able to get this far!!
    xo A.I.A.J.