Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life doesn’t always go as planned

Life doesn’t always go as planned. As for the Angela's and Kristina's cross country paddle things have taken on a new twist.

Due to a winter time back injury Angela is not able to continue on this dream journey.

After a few stressful (or panicked) phone calls to her support group in Montreal, Muskoka and BC, Kristina is hoping to find some one that might be interested in meeting up with her to continue on this cross country paddling trek. There is a good 8 weeks of food and supplies left for two people. The best part is if you are gluten free (or not) so are all the meals.
Should no one step up to this challenge Kristina will go as far as she can solo. At this point the North Saskatchewan River is not that difficult of a paddle as long as the winds are in her favour. Kristina did say that the portages don't really start until apprx. the 1500 km. mark. There is also a chance that Erich might meet up with her after his NOLS course, which ends July 11th. If not Karl may make the time to meet her and put some kms. on the river.

We are all aware that health is very important, so Angela you have to do the right thing to look after yourself. We wish you well.

Kristina, we still wish you lots of safe and happy paddling.

Sabine & John

Friday, June 25, 2010

Latest news...

Kristina and Angela reported in to family via cell phone once from Devon and again from Fort Saskatchewan. They have been making great time on the river so far, and have met a few friendly people along the way. When asked by someone on shore "Where are you headed?"...there was a major double-take when the answer was "Superior"!

They also had some excitement when they came across a mother bear and three cubs crossing the river. One of the cubs could not make it against the current and ended up heading downstream alone. The mother bear was frantically running along the shore to follow, while at the same keeping a close eye on the girls in the canoe. Kristina said it looked like the cub just got washed down stream. Let's hope that's as close as they'll be to bears on this trip!

As for food, it sounds like they have more than they need at the moment and the bugs are not too bad either, although they've had some severe thunderstorms!!

The next blog post may take 5-6 days, as they will be out of cellphone service range for about 600km. Keep an eye on the "Spot" log to follow their progress!

Go girls Go!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tomorrow is our Day!

Just a quick update!

We are in Rocky Mountain House! We drove over the North Saskatchewan River on our way in! Now we are relaxing for the night in a hotel, about to go out for some good food and rest up for our day tomorrow.

The amount of emotion running through me right now is incredible! Its becoming very very real!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

All Packed Up...Ready to Go!

Hello Hello!

Its absolutely crazy, but we've done it! We've got everything packed up!

We finished our food packing yesterday. All of our meals have been portioned out and divided, and we've got ourselves a well stocked "pantry" of delicious dehydrated veggies to choose from!

All of our gear has been combined, and combed through to ensure we've only packed the essentials and eliminated the doubles!

It's all sitting in Karl's basement waiting to be loaded into our trucks tonight!

We roll out of Creston bright and early tomorrow morning for Rocky Mountain House. A beautiful drive up the David Thompson Highway (Ice Field's Parkway) lies ahead!

A huge thank you to everyone who has been so supportive about our trip, and helping us get our acts in gear! I know we could not have made it this far without your support and encouraging words! The best part is still ahead, and I know that we cannot wait to share our stories both along the way and at the end (lets not talk about the end yet!)

Until we speak again...have a fabulous summer and we'll keep you posted!

Angela (and Kristina!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weather looking good!

The long range is showing 20 and sunny for monday, with no chance of rain. I like that sounds of that!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good News!!


After giving up hope that we had qualified for Expedition Support from Mountain Equipment Co-op, we were notified that they do want to help us after all! We've recieved a generous gift certificate and our trip will appear on their website after it's done!


In other news... I've looked more closely at our take-out plans, and have realized that there is a good reason for the 14 km Grand Portage, (from the Pigeon River to Superior). The river below the Portage is unnavigable, so our trip will be ending with a bang as we haul everything down, down, down towards the lake.

We've also decided to stop to Fort Frances/International Falls, to apply for the Remote Area Border permit as well as the US equivalent (the I68). It should, hopefully, keep us out of border trouble while we're hiking through Minnesota.

Bye for now!


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

12 days till blast off!

Hi, Kristina here--

Food shopping has begun! Maps are ready to go and itineraries are being drafted up for friends and loved ones. I'm trying to pack up my apartment move out, finish school reporting, get my gear together, and of all things, organize a year end camping trip for the kids I work with!! Who planned a camping trip for 15 people right before a 2 month camping trip for 2 people? Only me, of course.

Angela will be here (in Creston) on June 16, and we'll start organizing food into boxes. We still need to decide where to ship our 3 resupply boxes.

There will be somewhere between 40-50 portages on this trip. We're doing research and making notes as we can, but the portages along the international border route/Quetico park are under-used and not always obvious (from what we've learned).

My big maps of Rainy Lake and Lake of the Woods just arrived--exciting, and the last piece of this giant map puzzle I've been piecing together for months and months!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Countdown Begins!

17 days and we'll be paddling away from shore in Rocky Mountain House! Maps are being laminated, food is dehydrating, lists are getting shorter, MEC orders have been sent, and the nerves are starting to settle!

Things are slowly and surely falling into place! Soon, I (Angela) will be driving out to Creston to meet Kristina and put the final touches on all our packing. We will sort all our food drops out, and get them packed and ready to ship!

After a few days of last minute prep, we're going to drive up to Rocky Mountain House on June 20. We will enjoy a last hurrah, and then camp out for the night.

The next morning, we will say our goodbyes and so long's and push off! 2 months of canoeing, and portaging and exploring ahead!

If that's not something to get excited about...I dont know what is!

We will be teaching the folks how to update this blog and website so when we are not near internet, we can keep everyone up to date with our adventures!

Ciao for now :)

Angela and Kristina