Friday, June 25, 2010

Latest news...

Kristina and Angela reported in to family via cell phone once from Devon and again from Fort Saskatchewan. They have been making great time on the river so far, and have met a few friendly people along the way. When asked by someone on shore "Where are you headed?"...there was a major double-take when the answer was "Superior"!

They also had some excitement when they came across a mother bear and three cubs crossing the river. One of the cubs could not make it against the current and ended up heading downstream alone. The mother bear was frantically running along the shore to follow, while at the same keeping a close eye on the girls in the canoe. Kristina said it looked like the cub just got washed down stream. Let's hope that's as close as they'll be to bears on this trip!

As for food, it sounds like they have more than they need at the moment and the bugs are not too bad either, although they've had some severe thunderstorms!!

The next blog post may take 5-6 days, as they will be out of cellphone service range for about 600km. Keep an eye on the "Spot" log to follow their progress!

Go girls Go!!

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