Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Life doesn’t always go as planned

Life doesn’t always go as planned. As for the Angela's and Kristina's cross country paddle things have taken on a new twist.

Due to a winter time back injury Angela is not able to continue on this dream journey.

After a few stressful (or panicked) phone calls to her support group in Montreal, Muskoka and BC, Kristina is hoping to find some one that might be interested in meeting up with her to continue on this cross country paddling trek. There is a good 8 weeks of food and supplies left for two people. The best part is if you are gluten free (or not) so are all the meals.
Should no one step up to this challenge Kristina will go as far as she can solo. At this point the North Saskatchewan River is not that difficult of a paddle as long as the winds are in her favour. Kristina did say that the portages don't really start until apprx. the 1500 km. mark. There is also a chance that Erich might meet up with her after his NOLS course, which ends July 11th. If not Karl may make the time to meet her and put some kms. on the river.

We are all aware that health is very important, so Angela you have to do the right thing to look after yourself. We wish you well.

Kristina, we still wish you lots of safe and happy paddling.

Sabine & John


  1. So sorry to hear your news Angela! I am sure it was not an easy decision for you. We can never know what life will throw our way. Take care of yourself!!

    Kristina, our fingers and toes are crossed that you will find another paddling partner crazy enough to join this expedition.
    Thinking of you both!
    Irene and the boys

  2. I see from SPOT that you're moving again - are you sorted for a paddling partner now?