Wednesday, June 9, 2010

12 days till blast off!

Hi, Kristina here--

Food shopping has begun! Maps are ready to go and itineraries are being drafted up for friends and loved ones. I'm trying to pack up my apartment move out, finish school reporting, get my gear together, and of all things, organize a year end camping trip for the kids I work with!! Who planned a camping trip for 15 people right before a 2 month camping trip for 2 people? Only me, of course.

Angela will be here (in Creston) on June 16, and we'll start organizing food into boxes. We still need to decide where to ship our 3 resupply boxes.

There will be somewhere between 40-50 portages on this trip. We're doing research and making notes as we can, but the portages along the international border route/Quetico park are under-used and not always obvious (from what we've learned).

My big maps of Rainy Lake and Lake of the Woods just arrived--exciting, and the last piece of this giant map puzzle I've been piecing together for months and months!

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  1. Wow girls, you are so organized and prepared! I send you best wishes for a safe journey, a mind opening experience and a blast! May your courage and wisdom be your guide.