Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 13, all is well

Sittng by the campfire last night we got a phone call from Kristina. She sounded in pretty good spirits. It seems the North Saskatchewan River is treating her quite well. The last two days she made about 60 kms. each day. The river is being good to her and according to Karl he said the river is giving her a 3 km/hour boost. Paddling is easy and with long daylight hours she is spending a lot of time on the river. Not having a paddling partner at the moment is making the "camp time" a little boring. I'm sure with set up, cooking and a little rest and relaxtion, it doesn't leave too much time to be bored. The last two days she has not seen anyone at all. The beavers are keeping her company every now and then, but no other wild life in site.
Kristina thinks she is about 70 kms. from North Battleford, where Karl has shipped her next food package. She is looking forward to going into town, searching for the bus depot and hopefully finding a book store. The one book she took on this trip is almost done. If anyone knows Kristina, she is always reading. Unlike the voyageurs she is lucky to have food drops and an opportunity to go shop for a new book. Of course through this amazing modern technology we can keep everyone up to date.
One week from now we hope to hear from her brother Erich, and then we will see if he can join her for the remainder of the trip. Obviously she is still determined to get to Thunder Bay.
Next report should be coming from North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

Sabine and John

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