Saturday, July 17, 2010

Next major stop, The Pas

July 16th.

Leaving Prince Albert Kristina and Erich were taken by surprise. When they went back to the house, where Kristina had left the canoe in PA, this couple had called the local paper ( I believe, The PA Herald) and a reporter came out and interviewed them and took some pictures. The story about them was printed the next day. That was a little bit of excitement for them and quite unexpected. Kristina said they are having long hot days on the river. Lots of elk, moose and cayotes. No more beaver stories as of yet. When they called they just finished their first portage around the dam in Nipawin. On the river they are averaging apprx. 6 - 7 km/hr, when it opens to the lake about 4 km/hr. They are hoping that the current will pick up again. Through a little research it appears the train they might have to take (to avoid Lake Winnipeg)from the Pas to Winnipeg will be on the 24th. That is only if they can't find a ride. Both Karl and Jay Morrison are trying to see what they can do about a ride. They are both anxious to head into some real wilderness soon.
Erich's comment to me on the phone was, "get up in the morning, paddle for 10 hours, eat, sleep and then start over again. How much better can life get" Life on the river sure sounds wonderful.

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