Friday, July 23, 2010

Winnipeg tomorrow!

Hi again,

Erich and I will be catching the train early, early saturday morning (3:15) from the Pas, and it will get to Winnipeg at 4:45 that evening. At least that's what they tell us! I have a bit of experience with trains in Northern Ontario, and know the times can be loosey-goosey. We'll hope for the best! With a great deal of help behind the scenes, a place to stay in Winnipeg has been arranged as well as a ride to Powerview, on the Winnipeg River, on Sunday.

Our gear is stored right now with a nice family near the river, but as soon as the train station opens at 5 pm we'll start shuffling our gear over. That means a 4 block portage down the main street with our canoe. Leave it to the pair of us to turn heads doing something like that!

The second leg of the trip will begin in no time! After so long on the murky, silty North Saskatchewan, I've been dreaming about Ontario lakes, swimming and fishing. With 4 weeks of paddling left, I'm afraid we're on the downslope of the trip. Noooo.... I'm definitely not ready yet!

Erich might post again, but if he doesn't, we'll try to write from Winnipeg.

Bye for now,


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