Sunday, July 11, 2010

summer reading

As my mom mentioned below, I'm a big reader and seeking out bookstores is one of my favourite things, even in the middle of a canoe trip. I'm on my third book in three weeks, and needed a new one!

Before I left, someone recommened "The Pillars of The Earth," by Ken Follett. It's set around 1100 and I hated it at first. Thought it was the cheesiest historical fiction I'd ever read. I'm not usually into knights and battles and castles. But I gave it a chance. Soon I couldn't put it down! It honestly grabbed my imagination and sucked me right in-- I remember climbing a hill near a farm to try for cell reception, and having visions of knights appearing on horses over the hills. I accidentally used the word "latrine" in normal conversation one day, with Angela, and we had to laugh. I went to sleep thinking about monks and cathedrals and hangings... Anyways--all this to say that I found the sequel today, in Coles, and can't even wait to start reading!

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